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Event Info



Sat 23rd April 2022.  Ride sets off 9am.




Rose & Thistle pub, Alwinton, Northumberland, NE65 7BQ.  Grid reference: NT 920 062   W3W: having.wacky.handicaps.  Pinpoint on a Google Map found here.  There will be signs up leading you to the parking area.



What is the route?


It’s a bit of a cracker!


The route goes CLOCKWISE, leaving Alwinton and heading north east under the shadow of the Cheviots.  These quiet roads spread riders out and give you a chance to get your body and bike sorted.  From there you head south and climb up Simonside to the feed station at Lordenshaws.  A series of short, punchy climbs follow as you work your way round to the highest point at The Gibbet.  Drop down to the second feed station at The Bird and the Bush in Elsdon.  Take your time before the last climb of the day, Bilsmoor.  Following that it’s all gravy as you cruise back to Alwinton.



Is the course marked?


The course will be fully marked and there is a gpx available from the map above should any signs go missing.


Open Roads


This entire route is on open roads that are accessible to the public.  You will be sharing space with cars, lorries, motorcyclists, walkers and more.  It is up to you to follow the Highway Code and be respectful to other users.


You must do your own risk assessment of road conditions and your riding skills.  Do not take unnecessary risks as this is not a race and there are no prizes for getting back first.


BE CAREFUL ON THE FORDS.  There are four fords on the route and they all have slippy surfaces beneath the water.  Go over the bridges.


How much?


It is £36 to enter this ride.


Entry includes safety team, marshals, signposted route, comms cover, feed/water station, buckets full of climbing and more.


Refunds, Deferrals and Substitutes


We are very clear when you sign up – no refunds or deferrals.  You are welcome to sell your place on if you can’t make it and this has to be done at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  You can edit your own team by logging into sientries and making the changes yourself.


Event Schedule



Registration open 6:30am til 8:30am

Riders can set off any time between 9am and 9:30am.  To start you must go over the timing mat to register a start time.  You must also go over the timing mat at the finish to get a finishing time.




The local landowner allows us to use some fields very close by to the event area.  There will be signs out to mark this, just put yourself in a convenient place and make the best use of the space available.




The Rose and Thistle pub welcomes you to stay overnight Friday and/or Saturday.  This is the field directly behind the pub and there is no fee but it’s always nice to go and buy a drink or some food if you can.




Registration will take place outside the back of the Rose & Thistle in a shelter we will have erected.  You’ll get your number, cable ties and timing chip.




There are public toilets at Alwinton car park which are open 24 hours.  There are also toilets inside the Rose & Thistle   Bringing your own supply of refrigerated toilet roll is always a wise move for when the bog roll runs out.  There are also toilets at The Bird in the Bush feed station in Elsdon.




The event is based just outside a pub.  This may be open prior to the ride but don’t bank on it.  It will certainly be open when you return and is full of good food options.  We will have feed stations on route.




There is a tap available for people to fill bottles but we’d recommend thinking ahead and having your bottles prefilled.  There will be water out on the course.




Please take your rubbish home with you and be especially careful not to drop any litter out on the course.


Feed Station


There will be two feed stations out on the course for those in need of some nutrition after a big effort.


Feed station 1: Lordenshaws car park, 52km.  Main feed station with a chance to relax and take stock of the situation.


Feed station 2: Elsdon.  Bird in the Bush cafe.  85km.  A stop before the final push up Bilsmoor – you’re practically back but you have one more big climb to get out the way.  Bring some money if you want to treat yourself to the super tasty food options available.


Note we are continuing to try and cut down on waste and will not be providing disposable cups.  You should all have water bottles that you can refill.




Electronic timing will be used to gauge your time once you have finished.  You will need to pass through a set start/finish area at the beginning and the finish or you won’t get a time.  There may be a “no go” area set out where riders don’t wander for fear of setting off the system.


Mandatory Kit


If you’ve entered a road sportive then you probably know what you’re doing.


Here is a list of kit you MUST have:


  • Helmet
  • Fully functioning bike


Here are some other suggested items:


  • Basic first aid kit.
  • Emergency whistle
  • Waterproof/Windproof jacket/gillet (can be one jacket)
  • Mobile phone. It will only work when high up but it can be a vital lifeline in an emergency.
  • Front and rear lights.  Even in daylight we suggest running these on public roads.


Dropping Out


You can drop out any time you wish and in all likelihood our sweep vehicle will pick you up.  Be aware that you might be in for quite a wait.  If you go to the finish area then please tell our team that you are pulling out so we don’t go looking for you.




We will gave a medical team at the event. If this team treat you then they need to fill out some paperwork so please allow them to do so. We strongly recommend that you follow their advice if it is given. If a rider is prone on the course then diversions may be put into place, the race may be paused or the race may be abandoned. The medical team may ask you to wear a face mask while close for treatment.




This is an outdoor event but please help with the reduction in transmission rates by keeping socially distanced where possible. There is no requirement to wear a facemask at this event unless you wish to.